Welcome back Robbie Hance!

Robbie wowed the nation back in September 2012 with his spine-chilling rendition of Damien Rice’s Coconut skins (Watch here) only to leave his X-Factor fans desperate for more after he quit the show the following week.

“There were many reasons for my departure and whilst I have no reason to go through every comment about this in the press, I would simply like my music to speak for itself. I do not wish any negativity to the press or the producers of the X-Factor, I just have to do this my own way”.

Robbie has managed to overcome hurdles in his life that many of us cannot comprehend. He is not after sympathy, but perhaps understanding, as he now seeks to lead a new, more nourished existence, offering us the chance to hear the one thing that has enabled him to get through this long painful chapter in his life…. his music.

Many great artists have pain, remorse and suffering which drives them to release their feelings in their creativity. Robbie is no exception and has plenty of material to draw on which is reflected in the searching and personal nature of his writing and performances.

“Music makes me feel like I’m worth a little something”.

We hope that his music reaches out to you in some way – Thank you for your support.


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